UPDATE 12-5-22

Great New recently
- MVP/CVC (Vax passes) & Masks will NOT be needed for this 2022 Event! .. more below
- If you bought a pass (ticket) for last year, yes this is Valid for this year
- Party Passes are Now limited to 100, this brings the total to 250 dancers. , Buy online to save & secure your entry.

- A Handful Full Passes for Workshops & Parties Sold Out on the 12th May 2022.

Only 36 refunded Full passes became available for 2022. Any more refunded passes will be added in the future so do check back again if they all sell out. We would recommend joining our new newsletter for future releases.
Secure your party pass now and buy them from our online store here >


2021 Refunds

- The Hanmer Salsa Festival 2021 in a short time became a SOLD-OUT EVENT despite the postponement.
- For all those who have purchased tickets (passes) we have automatically transferred to this years event. There by securing your spot at 'Hanmer Salsa Winter Festival 2022'.

- You can choose to have your ticket refunded if you bought a full pass in 2021. The refund cut-off date is 26th May 2022 11:59pm (3 months out from 2022's event). Any refunded tickets will then become available for sale at the full price on the website for new people to purchase. (please use the contact page for refunds)


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Newsletter #002 - Email Sent 23-3-22
Newsletter #001 - Email Sent 24-8-21

Covid Policy:


- MVP/CVC (Vax passes) will NOT be needed for this 2022 Event!
- Masks Not Required for Dancing & Optional for Entry (to date from Sports NZ)


Your Responsibilities:

- Make sure you wash hands and use hand sanitiser when you can & please so stay home if you are sick.
- People at higher risk of severe illness from C19, for example those with underlying medical conditions and  those considered to be at risk eg. older people, are encouraged to take additional precautions such as below.
- ​You are also welcome to dance with one partner if you choose not to be part of the partner rotation/swapping in classes.