Frequently Asked Questions

We have put this page together to help those questions you might have. Some of these are actual questions from dancers and we have posted them below.

Our Recommendation

Most people will travel up and spend 2-3 nights in Hanmer, leaving Friday afternoon or after work and staying the Friday & Saturday Night. Accommodation between a group of dancers is often very cheap and fairly easy to organise with your fellow dance class friends. The average house to hire can work out as little as $20 per person per night, you can join our Facebook group to find more people willing to do this. Some people will travel up on the Saturday morning, while others will just travel to make the party and leave the same night without staying. We prefer to stay 2 nights so we can relax in the hot pools & make the most of the weekend. You choose! . read more on the Hanmer Location page about booking a Holiday Home or Air BnB

Can I just come to the Parties?

Yes you can buy party tickets only but a full pass give you access to everything at a great price... see the prices page >

Do I arrange my own Accomodation?

Yes, see some ideas on the Locations page. 

Most people tend stay for a couple of nights for this event, however you can also drive there and back in a day, We recommend staying so you can relax and enjoy the whole event. The best thing to do is arrange with a group of people a holiday home, its very affordable. See Hanmer Holiday Homes for bookings, prices etc.

You might also consider House pooling with other dancers see below


House Pool & Car Pool?

If you want to link in with other people traveling or staying in Hanmer join our Facebook group and advertise your house to fill it or car to carpool.

We recommend catching a bus or driving, with an average 2hr drive. If you want to save a little and have more fun & make some friends, try car pooling, join out facebook group and mention you would like to car pool with others or offer car pooling.

Can Kids Come?

Kids are welcome. Which also have Free entry to the parties. 

Do I need Heel Caps?

This dance floor doesn't require them, but they will help your dance shoes last longer.

Can I come Alone? 

Yes!.. and partner dance classes aka workshops, rotate partners frequently which is much more inclusive and social.
Partner dance classes and workshops are also a great way to meet people before the parties, so you can social dance more easily.

Do I need a Full Pass?

You don't. But for best value yes a Full Pass is a bargain. You can buy Workshops & Party passes individually as you go any time. See the store for more details >

What does a 'Full Pass' include?

A full pass covers all workshops and all party entries over both Friday & Saturday for 1 person... see details >

Who can come? 

Everyone is welcome to join in, no matter if you're a beginner, seasoned dancer or have never danced before, there is something available for you. All ages are welcome too, including kids, which also have Free entry to the parties. 

Does my pass include Hot Pools?

No passes this year include hot pools. 

If I want to bring my partner, do I need to buy full passes for both of us?

Depends, if you both want to attend all workshops and parties, yes you will either need a full pass or buy the workshops you want to take each.

Another example; If you are doing all workshops and parties and your partner just comes to the parties, then purchase a full pass and and single party passes.

Do I need experience?

Everyone is welcome, including people with no dance knowledge. This is fun supportive event designed for everyone. 

What if I can only come 1 day?

You might find that the Early Bird price is still the cheapest option. So we recommend looking out for these!
- Example#1 - You can only make Friday Night; Then we would suggest buying the workshops & party as single purchases, see the pricing page >

- Example#2 - You can make only Saturday Workshops and no parties; we would suggest that its still probably still cheapest to get a full pass >

- Example#3 - I can only Make 2 Workshops & a party; you might find it cheapest to purchase these separately, see the pricing page >

I'm an absolute Beginner what's Available to me?

If you have never learnt to dance before you should attend the Intro or Open level classes, usually prior to a party. Most of the workshops are designed for dancers who are already learning, so we would recommend learning Salsa or Latin dances prior to going to this event to get the most out of it. ..See our sponsors below for some dance schools around NZ.


Do I Need to Book? 

No, you are not required to, you can just turn up on the day. However we recommend to buy a full pass online for a greatest discount!


Do I need a Pay Pal Account to pay online?

You don't need a PayPal account, see the non-login option. This uses all major bank cards..

What if I miss the Online Full pass cut off date?

You will need to purchase individual passes either in Cash on the day or online any time.

Can I sell my pass?

You can transfer full passes to another name, but there are conditions please see the payment page >

More payment FAQs on the shop/price page >


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