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Dance School Support Program

You have been invited to participate in our community. We are trying to build a fun and social focus to our event. The best of places to practice social dance floor skills  - partnering, etiquette, finding enjoyment in each dance no matter the skill level. This also helps build dance school community connection.


When your dance business becomes a supporter / Sponsor, it will be listing on our dance school page which can create new students.
We recommend to advertise in newsletters, your website and so forth. In turn when you advertise this event it will help your students motivation to learn, as a goal and then
we have some more benefits listed as below. For those that have been sponsors in the past, we will start off with a very basic listing with a logo usually from your facebook page.

#1 Sponsorship - level 1
- Free Listing on our Dance Schools Page
- Support the event with advertising on your newsletters, facebook groups etc.
- x2 Free Party passes/Tickets per year for directors & teachers or your dance school

#2 Sponsorship - Level 2
- Activated when you bring more than 10 students that buy full passes.
- Free Party Tickets for all your teachers & director of your dance school.
- x2 Free Hot Pool Tickets

- x2 Full Passes for teachers/directors



How to get started:

- Please fill out the form below and we will need your logo ready to email us.

- You’ll start automatically on level#1

Terms & Conditions
- Sponsorship teacher Tickets/Passes cannot be transferred to non teachers or carried forward to another year.
- Does not include independent dance groups that hire in your venue , each entity must have its own individual sponsorship.

- Full passes at a discount or free must registered interest 2 weeks prior to the event.
- Your dance school must be listed on the sponsorship page and we must be able to list the Hanmer event in your facebook page/group
- You’ll automatically be reset to level#1 every year.
- To get level#2 or level#3 those that purchase dance passes will enter the school they belong to, we will keep track of how
many dancers buy passes.

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