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Terms & Conditions

Registration & Entry

Registration at the event will open 30mins prior to any workshop or party at the Event.

To attend the event, you must bring proof of purchase, including your order number, as your ticket. If you haven't received a confirmation of payment with your order number, please contact us immediately via email. On the day of the event, full pass holders will receive wristbands which should not be removed until the event concludes. All persons entering this festival are subject to Entry conditions which includes Terms & Conditions & Code of Conduct

There is no actual ticket needed, however you will be required to bring proof of purchase to the event with any order numbers. Wristbands will be issued on the day for full passes, please do not take this off until the
event ends.

To ensure a smooth registration process and to avoid any potential delays, please plan to arrive at least 15-30 minutes before the first workshop. 



We've also scheduled 15-minute breaks between workshops so that you can hydrate, refuel, and practice before the next session.

Entry Conditions

• Full Workshop Entry Info
For the very first workshop you do please come extra early so you get your wrist band as there is normally a line up. You can see what time doors open on the timetable page >
. If you have full pass, make sure you turn up to the venue at least 15mins early so you can guarantee priority entry to any workshop. So in other words turn up early if you have a Full pass, so you can make sure you gain entry to a workshop because your slot might be given to someone else who doesn't have a Full pass. You could be turned away if you are late to any workshop with no refund due to maximum capacity.

• Casual Workshop Entry Info

If you don't have a full pass, you may not be able to gain access to all workshops, however, If there is space 5mins before class starts, spaces will be given to any casual entry dancers that can pay cash on the day if there is space ....see pricing info >

• Party Entry Info

You are welcome to come anytime during the night and pay cash at the door for door entry, however there is a set limit on numbers for parties at this stage as the capacity is larger because we use the whole venue rather than just the main hall. If we reach capacity you might be refused entry until numbers are lower. But Those with Passes will have right of way and automatically gain entry. We suggest you buy online passes to secure your entry.

Payment Info

You can now log in create an account on this website and become a free member, you can then see previous purchases and future purchases will be even easier.

•  Do I need a Pay Pal Account to pay?
You don't need a PayPal account, see the non-login option. This uses all major bank cards.

• Will there be a ticket delivery?
No actual ticket needed. Wristbands will be issued on the day. Get in early, 30mins before any workshop or Party. Just mention your name at the desk when you arrive & bring your pay pal receipt as proof of purchase. Receipts are issued automatically to your email when you purchase anything. So if you didn't get one check you spam or you might not have completed the payment properly. Contact us if you are unsure. If you login you might be able to access your pass information as well.

• How do you contact us if there is an issue?
Please use the Contact form on the Contact Page, we will get back to you asap

• Pay Pal & Cart

• Adding to Cart: Load as many items as you like then click the 'cart' to pay with Visa or Bank Cards.
• Paypal: An account is not required to buy online with Visa or Bank Cards, choose the non login option when its offered. Or sign up for faster more convenient processing in the future for any pay pal transactions.
• Online Visa Transaction Fee applies for items  see details within each item, usually around 2.9% + 50c Per item/transaction

• If I buy a Full Pass do I pay single prices as well?

No, your full pass covers all Parties & all Workshops.

• What if I miss the Online Sales?

You will need to purchase individual passes on the day with Cash Only, see the store for prices

Refund Policy

Pass Changes:

- Full passes: Once you have booked you may request changes or transfers to another person by Contacting us.
- Exchange progress: There is no administration fee for transfers from one person to another per full pass. Provided that you manage the exchange process and you must contact us from this website contact page with 'full name' details for all the people involved.
  Provide us with name and email of the person taking over the ticket at time of the ticket transfer & Provide original purchase receipt to the event.

- Selling your pass or gifting your pass is possible, which may include friends, dance class mates, or other dancers. If you want to advertise your pass to be sold, you can do this once you have joined our "Hanmer Salsa Winter Festival- Facebook Group" - here >
- No changes will be accepted 7 days prior the start of the event

Pass Refunds:

  • Strictly No Refunds for any online payments or passes -  but you may decide to sell a pass onto another person, see above for pass changes.


Event Cancellation or Postponed:

  • If the event is canceled by us your pass / ticket will be refunded. If the events is postponed your pass / ticket will be valid and transferred automatically for the following year. You might decide to sell or pass this full pass to someone else, see "Pass Changes" as above. Or, you may decide to get a refund but must be done by the cut off date which will be advertised on the website, minus any Paypal transaction fees. please contact us for refunds.

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