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NEW Full Passes Available Now on Resale!

This is a Mostly Sold Out Event (2021 Tickets are automatically transferred to 2022)
• All 150 full passes sold out for the 2021 event, but due to covid postponing this event to 2022 only 36/150 people did refunds, only refunded full passes will be added to the store below in smaller numbers at the full price as a resale. Now Sold out on the 12th May 2022
• Do sign up to our newsletter as we will be sending updates when/if any new full pass stock comes in from refunds and join our facebook groups incase anyone tries to sell theirs at the last minute.

• At the Door Cash prices Available on the day for some workshops (if there is space) & party will be available on the day

• 100 Party Passes On Sale Now, Until 24th Aug 2022 (party only passes)

Online Sales Cut-off 24th August 2022

- After the cut-off date only Cash Sales will be available.