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New refunded Full passes on Resale below.

• All 50 Early Bird passes sold out in the 1st Day! Full Passes in Wave#1 & Wave#2 were sold out in 2021.
• All 150 full passes sold out for the 2021 event, but due to covid postponing this event to 2022 some people have refunds, all refunded full passes will be added to the store below in smaller numbers at the full price. Do sign up to our newsletter as we will be sending updates when new stock comes in.

• At the Door prices Available on the day for some workshops (if there is space) & party will be available on the day

Packages 2022

Party Pass
Avail for 2022

Includes All parties Only

  • Party Pass = $30 - (or pay $40 at the door)

  • Cut off date: 24th August Midnight

Early Bird Full Pass
SOLD OUT (No Stock for 2022)

Includes all workshops & All parties​

  • Early Bird Full Pass = $75

  • N.B. Early Birds x25 Passes Avail Only in Wave #1 & wave #2

  • Cut off date: 30th June Midnight or When all sold out.

Full Passes
New Stock Below

Note: New Stock will come in when any 2021 Tickets are refunded.
Includes all workshops & All parties

  • Full Pass Final Month = $125 (wave#2)

  • N.B. x50 Passes Avail Only, once sold out, door sale only.

  • Cut off date: 24th August Midnight

Note: All Online Sales Cut-off 24th August 2022

- Registration will open 30mins prior to any workshop or party at the Event. Get your wrist bands/tickets on the day.

Individual Prices 2022

(Cash Only)

Pay at Door Option:

- After the 24th August this is the only option, buy at the door (Cash Only)
- Buy at the venue on during the event or you can purchase individual workshops & party passes.

- No Eftpos available - we will only accept Cash 

- N.B. We will have a maximum amount of persons per class, priority is given to full pass holders. So if this is exceeded some workshops you probably will not be able to buy on the day. So do consider full passes before they sell out.

Parties Individual Prices

  • $20 Per Party (Cash Only)

Workshops Individual Prices

  • $20 per workshop (Cash Only) - Only if space available

Payment FAQ's

•  Do I need a Pay Pal Account to pay?
You don't need a PayPal account, see the non-login option. This uses all major bank cards.

• Will there be a ticket delivery?
No actual ticket needed. Wristbands will be issued on the day. Get in early, 30mins before any workshop or Party. Just mention your name at the desk when you arrive & bring your pay pal receipt as proof of purchase. Receipts from pay pal are issued automatically when you purchase anything. So if you didn't get one check you spam or you might not have completed the payment properly. Contact us if you are unsure.

• How do you contact us if there is an issue?
Please use the Contact form on the Contact Page, we will get back to you asap

• Extra Fees?
+$1.80 Online Transaction Fee. 

• If I buy a Full Pass do I pay single prices as well?

No, your full pass covers all Parties & all Workshops.

• What if I miss the Online Sales?

You will need to purchase individual passes on the day with Cash Only, details above

Entry Conditions

• Full Workshop Entry Info
For the very first workshop you do please come extra early so you get your wrist band. You can see what time doors open on the timetable page >

If you have full pass, make sure you turn up to the venue at least 5-15mins early so you can guarantee priority entry to any workshop. So in other words turn up on time if you have a Full pass, so you can make sure you gain entry to a workshop because your slot might be given to someone else who doesn't have a Full pass. You could be turned away if you are late to a workshop.

• Casual Workshop Entry Info

If you don't have a full pass, you may not be able to gain access to all workshops, however, If there is space 5mins before class starts, spaces will be given to any casual entry dancers that can pay cash on the day if there is space ....see pricing info >

• Party Entry Info

You are welcome to come anytime during the night, there is no set limit on numbers for parties at this stage.

Refund Policy

Pass Changes:

- Full passes: Once you have booked you may request changes or transfers to another person by emailing us.
- Exchange progress: There is now no administration fee for transfers from one person to another per full pass. Provided that you manage the exchange process and you must contact us from this website contact page with 'full name' details for all the people involved.
- Party passes cannot be changed. 
- No changes will be accepted 4 days from the start of the event


Pass Cancellations:

  • 50% refund if you cancel any pass

  • No changes will be accepted after 30th July 2021

  • If the event is canceled by us, your ticket will be valid and transferred automatically for the following year. You may decide to get a refund, minus any Paypal transaction fees. However If the event is sold out, you will risk not being able to buy a ticket for the following year. please contact us for refunds.