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- In a short time this became a SOLD-OUT EVENT despite the postponement. A Handful 'Full Passes' for Workshops & Parties Sold Out on the 12th May 2022, the odd one might be added to the Shop. Only 37 refunded Full passes became available for 2022 & now are all sold out. Any more refunded passes will be added in the future so do check back, you can also check on our facebook group incase someone wants to sell theirs.

- Limited Party Passes; If you haven't bought a 'full pass', do secure your 'party pass' now, these are now limited to less than 100 passes (55 left as of today). Once these are sold out you and you try pay at the door you might be refused entry if numbers are high.. ..... So buy now >

- For all those who have purchased tickets (passes) in 2021 we have automatically transferred to this years event. There by securing your spot at 'Hanmer Salsa Winter Festival 2022'. If you bought a pass (ticket) for last year in 2021, yes this is Valid for this years event, if you have a pay pal receipt then you will be fine, we have a full list at our end.

- Refunds for 2021's event has now closed. The refund cut-off date was 26th May 2022 11:59pm (3 months out from 2022's event)... refund info >

- MVP/CVC (Vax passes) & Masks will NOT be needed for this 2022 Event! Masks will not be required for even entering the event.

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